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03 Dec 04 2004 XML EUROPEAN Conferences

Our 2004 Xml international conference has just finished and we are planning to create a reserved area to let all participants to download documents, files and transcript. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get news about it. Thank you.

05 Mar 04 Shipping eBay Items to Customers

EBay, the largest online auction house in the world, is a truly international business. People from Singapore to Atlanta all flock to buy and sell. The sold items range from the tiniest artifact to large tracts of land. One of the many challenges EBay and its participants face is that of shipping. For buyers have high expectations that the items they have paid good money for will arrive safe and in tact. While EBay oversees the operations of the company, it important to understand that the shipping of items is the full responsibility of both the buyer and seller.

The first thing for both parties, the buyer and seller, to remember is that honesty must be the one and only, the best policy. The seller should advise all potential bidders what costs may be incurred in shipping the item BEFORE the auction ends. This is important with any item but can be particularly important when shipping a heavy item, like a sofa or a table. Buyers are not happy about hidden costs of any kind and when they are surprised by an extra 300 dollar fee they might balk. Then the only option available is to try and resolve the dispute. That could result in lost income for one or both parties.

So the way to avoid that is to get an accurate estimate of the costs before listing the item for auction. If the item is large then location where the item may be shipped is an issue. The seller is advised to indicate that in the listing. It is common to see listings on EBay that indicate that the buyer must pay all shipping costs and that those costs can be determined at the time of sale, that way the buyer can decide whether the item is worth their bid. (UPS and other shippers provide estimates of items when needed.)

It is also important to insure any item that has value. Lost or damaged items will result in a dispute, and lost income. It may also help to add additional charges to shipping costs, and to have the postal service notify the shipper that the item arrived. If the buyer is unscrupulous he or she may claim the item never arrived, proof of delivery would help in that case. These charges should be folded into the general fee charged at the time the item is listed.

International shipping can be very costly, so make sure to follow these rules in detail when shipping to another country. Some EBay sellers indicate they will not ship overseas for this very reason.

09 Sep 03 2003 XML Conferences and News

Reports, news and detailed transcripts of all 2003 Europe Xml conferences will be available for download on this page shortly.


12 May 02 2002 XML Europe Conferences

Transcripts and references of 2002 XML Europe Conference will be soon online.


05 Mar 02 Your Children And The Internet

With children able to get online easily today, it is more important than ever to provide some additional attention to their activities online. What you may not want to think about or know is that children are often the subjects of abuse on the web if not more. There are predators lurking and it is incredibly important for every parent to do something about this problem. The first thing that you need to do is to realize that your family needs protection.

Start off by talking to your children about being safe online. Not telling people their last name, not giving personal information out and to chat only with people that you approve are all good places to start. You can also help everyone by putting the computer in your home in an open area so that you can easily see what they are doing at any time. What’s more, teach them about online strangers and how they are just as dangerous as those that they could meet in public.

A key are the parental controls that many online service providers offer today. These can help you to monitor what they are doing and help you to keep them off of websites that they may not be right for. Protecting kids on the internet is a must.

05 Feb 02 Meeting Others On The Internet

With the lure of the internet, more and more people are turning to it to find friendship or more. Meeting people on the internet is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there are many strong relationships that have come from it that could not have happened any other way. Yet, there are some important considerations for anyone to do to be sure that they remain safe and happy with the situation.

The first thing for you to do is to be careful with the information that you put out there. There is never a reason to share financial or personal information with people you have just met. Be wary of people that you know that have somehow become friends and now need your money and your help. Be careful but do not stop looking for the rewards of these friendships because of these worries.

It can be an enjoyable experience to meet people on the internet. You can find close friends and even romances this with. For those that are limited by time and energy or just can not seem to do this in person, the internet is a vast opportunity and one that should not be limited. Go ahead and get started on your search for someone that will help to create a friendship for you.