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23 Mar 12 Are You Safe On-line? The first law of Technology safety!

The internet has opened new doors for everyone. It has become very easy and even enjoyable to talk to and meet people from around the world. It has never been easier to find information or to go shopping in your pajamas in the middle of the night. Yet, with the internet comes many potential risks. Some of those risks include things like spyware which can be on your computer right now. Even with good quality protective programs running, it is likely that there are a number of programs still getting into your computer’s system that could hurt you.

There are many things that you can do to protect yourself on the internet but one of the most important is that of spyware protection. Spyware watches and tracks your moves and then reports them back to those on the other side looking for this information and breaking the law of on-line safety: install a good anti-spyware software (instead of fixing the problem with an attorney later) . Most of the time this is nothing more than finding out what you are doing online, but it can collect your personal information, too. For this reason, do two things. First, get a quality spyware program up and running on your computer. You should have this program constantly on. You should also run scans of your computer weekly to pull off anything that may get there. Doing so protects you!

17 Feb 12 Cold Fusion LENR Technology – Andrea Rossi E-Cat

Andrea Rossi might just be the man to put an end to the controversy surrounding the cold fusion process, not to mention put an end to the world’s energy problems. With fellow physicist Sergio Focardi and his team, they have come up with an Energy Calatyzer, a reactor which fuses nickel and hydrogen to produce energy. The E-Cat produces 10kW on average and can produce a maximum of 15,000 watts when an input of 400 watts is used. It is interesting because in various demos done, the energy output has been consistent. In one test, the 15,000 watt optimal output was realized using only 80 watts of input energy.

The E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi: a new way to produce energy using LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)

Many have expressed doubt that this new invention will last, largely because cold fusion inventions in the past did not endure the test of time. In fact, most could not yield replica results in a test. But Rossi and team seem to know they have a gem. They have worked on this particular project for years, so it beats logic to assume they would take the entire world for a ride. I don’t think they would go as far as signing up for a 1megawatt plant with their first client if they knew what they had was a bluff.

The 1MWplant is being built in Greece for Defkalion Green Technologies and is projected to produce 300,000 10kW a year. That is an impressive amount of energy, given that nuclear plant power is only in thousands of megawatts. Larger plants of Energy Catalyzer will have the capacity to produce more energy than is produced by nuclear plants. The E-Cat will go on sale under the trade name Hyperion and Defkalion will be the first company to test and enjoy the benefits before a roll out plan is adopted.

The environmental benefits of Rossi’s E-cat are immense. Nickel Hydrogen fusion carries zero risk of producing nuclear waste and is thus a safer process. This alone is enough to make anyone with control of nuclear power worried because it could mean a revolutionary shift from nuclear power use to the new E-Cat produced energy. The potential for this is high and even though the reactor will initially be used for heating only, it is still the best option of alternative energy. AmpEnergo, a US company, knows this too well and has already signed an investment agreement with Engineer Rossi, to process the royalties for sales of Energy Catalyzer products and licenses sold in America.

05 Dec 11 Yahoo To Get Website Visitors

When surfing the web, there is no doubt about it, there are many search engines to choose from. Each has many claims, they will get to where you want to go with speed, and ease. They offers lots of perks, both large and small. Yahoo, one of the largest search engine companies in this world, can make good their claims. They are a truly comprehensive search engine. It provides just about about anything a passionate web surfer would ask for.

The home pages says it all. ON yahoo’s home page, which can be custom designed for you own individual needs, offers news, sports, stock reports, weather. This information is offers in text form, as well as in video formats, for those who like their information delivered visually.

It offers a great, reliable email service, and its instant message service is one of the most popular in the world.

There is a great radio offering, which is fairly new, which offers a large range of radio stations to listen to while on the computer.

For entertainment nuts, which is just about everyone, there are reviews and listing s for new releases in music, in movies, and TV. It offers interviews, rates the films, and gives guidelines to those looking for something fun to fill the head. There is a huge community site for games; everything from backgammon to solitair is offered.

The spiritual, or maybe the superstitious depending on how you look at it, are offered horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs.

The shopper in all of us are tempted by their incredible comprehensive shopping engine which provides links to anything, virtually anything you might need to buy.

There are real estate listing for those looking for a new place to live, or for those in need of new commercial space, for those who wan to leave their house, at least for a bit, there is a smart travel listing which provides crucial links to travel sites.

There are personals for anyone interesting in hooking up, and for those who need some extra cash so they might be afford the prospective date they meet in the personals, there are is, again, one of the largest jobs market engine offered on the net.

The list grows every day, in fact. It is a must see, really. Web surfing without Yahoo is sort of like surfing without a board.

15 Aug 10 Google Video: What Is It?

The newest, latest internet craze is the video community website. These are places where homemade films and videos can shown and played. Many of the sites, YouTube among them, began as small, local websites, designed to showcase amateur talent showing off homemade video productions. It has since grown, due to the overwhelming response from viewers from all over the world, into an international showcase for talents of all shapes and sizes. The most recent company to get into the home video market is Google. Google is a innovative company best known for its excellent search engine. But it has since branched out into many new areas. Hosting community videos site is their latest one.

The site, available only online, allows those who are interested in becoming small moviemakers, to have an international group of fans. The appeal is simple: Other than the cost of the production itself, using the site is completely free. In comparison to a professionally made movie, which costs millions, these deals are quite fantastic.

The site has become a place where the famous meet as well. There are many new videos that are made by some of the hippest people in music and the arts. The entertainment world has caught onto the popularity of these sites and sees it as great, cheap marketing site

The site is divided into genres so viewers can surf in areas that interest them. There are music videos, animation, TV shows, comedy, education and sports. The videos can be rated, and those that are most popular make Google’s top 100 list. They also have recommended lists, and featured lists.

Viewers can create lists of videos they like and save them for future viewing as well.

Advertisers can create subtle form of advertising by making videos that are viral in nature, in other words they are passed along from one viewer to the next.

Google’s site is meant for any one, so it must be advised that there are millions of different views being aired ion sites like these and it is possible to run into views that may conflict with your own. While they do screen for content, they encourage diversity, which in turn is one of the big reasons for its popularity.

08 Nov 07 Print-Print Printing Services, Are They Worth The Time?

If you do not know about this company Print-Print, they are a reliable brochure printing company who can help your business with all of your print brochures. Regardless of the type of business that you are in brochure printing is always in high demand. Many of the top companies in the UK are using Print-Print for their business needs and you should too.

If you are already using a number of other services who offer leaflet printing, flyer printing, stationery, poster or canvas printing, you can now get it all done with the same company. Print-Print will save you time and money with all of your printing needs.

can even offer you 24 hour printing services and next day leaflet printing too. When you order before one o’clock in the afternoon they can deliver the next day in most cases. Speedy printing means that you can order on demand and stay ahead of the game without worry.

In addition to brochure printing and all of the other valuable services, Print-Print can even print your holiday cards. Do you need business cards for your company representatives or postcards to mail to your prospects and clients? Print-Print can do it all.

Unlike other printing companies, Print-Print offers you true 24 hour printing. This means they will print your items and ship them within the 24 hours. Other companies will start the printing and take another whole day to deliver the product to you. This means you will get it with in 48 hours or more. Print-Print takes steps to make sure you get your item on time, within 24 hours.

Print-Print uses the highest quality materials and produces the highest quality printing regardless of what you order. Print-Print knows that each customer is valuable and deserves the best brochure printing without hassle.

Print-Print will also check your artwork and offer artwork advice without a charge. They will send your printing items in a plain label package too. These little things all add up and that means that you can rest assured that you are getting the best service at a great price.

You can order online or you can call Print-Print direct at 01952850730. Someone at the company will be happy to answer all of your questions and get you the highest quality items that your company depends on. Why not call right now, while it is fresh in your mind?

28 Sep 07 Advertising on MySpace

Off all the new innovations on the internet, the one that is most talked about is MySpace. Everyone is interested in MySpace, all for different reasons.

Those who participate in MySpace, which is no more than the internet equivalent of a village town square, MySpace provides web space for those who want to create their own websites, love the sense of community it brings. Observers love to watch the ‘village’ in action and are also potential buyers of products touted on the various sites. Those in the trade business, people with things to sell, have shown that it’s a brand new template for marketing material. Last are the advertisers, they are learning to love the enormous potential found in gathering crowds of like minds.

The reason why advertising on MySpace works is that it provides sellers with a location to find the right buyers. MySpace is designed as a community and the communities have developed around interests. So if 100 visitors are gathered at a particular site devoted to gardening for example, potential advertisers of gardening products have found their lock and key.

There are other plusses to advertisers in this new game. MySpace, unlike most other sites devoted to member like gatherings, does not charge a fee to post a site. This eliminates the typical overhead costs associated with marketing a product.

Advertisers are also offered the chance to use banner ads on various MySpace pages. This is a fee based service and does cost the advertiser money, but on the plus side, there are few opportunities which allow an advertiser to get as close to their target audience as one that MySpace provides.

In order to sell on MySpace it is best to follow the protocol of others. Products or services are most often sold subtly, through community forums on the site, which breeds good word of mouth. Those who have traditionally participated in MySpace are doing so because they want to network with others and are not there to buy or sell necessarily. But if the friends they meet on the site tout a product outright, creating sites, which sell that product make it easy for the product to move.

Providing services has also found a new and effective site in MySpace. The site can be used to help advance or publicize an event, can promote a song, anything that might be sold in the commercial marketplace has a place here.

It is interesting to note that MySpace has become popular with the enetertainment industry as a smart, cheap vehicle to promote new talents, this includes those in film and TV, as well as music and the arts.