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17 Feb 12 Cold Fusion LENR Technology – Andrea Rossi E-Cat

Andrea Rossi might just be the man to put an end to the controversy surrounding the cold fusion process, not to mention put an end to the world’s energy problems. With fellow physicist Sergio Focardi and his team, they have come up with an Energy Calatyzer, a reactor which fuses nickel and hydrogen to produce energy. The E-Cat produces 10kW on average and can produce a maximum of 15,000 watts when an input of 400 watts is used. It is interesting because in various demos done, the energy output has been consistent. In one test, the 15,000 watt optimal output was realized using only 80 watts of input energy.

The E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi: a new way to produce energy using LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)

Many have expressed doubt that this new invention will last, largely because cold fusion inventions in the past did not endure the test of time. In fact, most could not yield replica results in a test. But Rossi and team seem to know they have a gem. They have worked on this particular project for years, so it beats logic to assume they would take the entire world for a ride. I don’t think they would go as far as signing up for a 1megawatt plant with their first client if they knew what they had was a bluff.

The 1MWplant is being built in Greece for Defkalion Green Technologies and is projected to produce 300,000 10kW a year. That is an impressive amount of energy, given that nuclear plant power is only in thousands of megawatts. Larger plants of Energy Catalyzer will have the capacity to produce more energy than is produced by nuclear plants. The E-Cat will go on sale under the trade name Hyperion and Defkalion will be the first company to test and enjoy the benefits before a roll out plan is adopted.

The environmental benefits of Rossi’s E-cat are immense. Nickel Hydrogen fusion carries zero risk of producing nuclear waste and is thus a safer process. This alone is enough to make anyone with control of nuclear power worried because it could mean a revolutionary shift from nuclear power use to the new E-Cat produced energy. The potential for this is high and even though the reactor will initially be used for heating only, it is still the best option of alternative energy. AmpEnergo, a US company, knows this too well and has already signed an investment agreement with Engineer Rossi, to process the royalties for sales of Energy Catalyzer products and licenses sold in America.

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