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15 Aug 10 Google Video: What Is It?

The newest, latest internet craze is the video community website. These are places where homemade films and videos can shown and played. Many of the sites, YouTube among them, began as small, local websites, designed to showcase amateur talent showing off homemade video productions. It has since grown, due to the overwhelming response from viewers from all over the world, into an international showcase for talents of all shapes and sizes. The most recent company to get into the home video market is Google. Google is a innovative company best known for its excellent search engine. But it has since branched out into many new areas. Hosting community videos site is their latest one.

The site, available only online, allows those who are interested in becoming small moviemakers, to have an international group of fans. The appeal is simple: Other than the cost of the production itself, using the site is completely free. In comparison to a professionally made movie, which costs millions, these deals are quite fantastic.

The site has become a place where the famous meet as well. There are many new videos that are made by some of the hippest people in music and the arts. The entertainment world has caught onto the popularity of these sites and sees it as great, cheap marketing site

The site is divided into genres so viewers can surf in areas that interest them. There are music videos, animation, TV shows, comedy, education and sports. The videos can be rated, and those that are most popular make Google’s top 100 list. They also have recommended lists, and featured lists.

Viewers can create lists of videos they like and save them for future viewing as well.

Advertisers can create subtle form of advertising by making videos that are viral in nature, in other words they are passed along from one viewer to the next.

Google’s site is meant for any one, so it must be advised that there are millions of different views being aired ion sites like these and it is possible to run into views that may conflict with your own. While they do screen for content, they encourage diversity, which in turn is one of the big reasons for its popularity.

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