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28 Sep 07 Advertising on MySpace

Off all the new innovations on the internet, the one that is most talked about is MySpace. Everyone is interested in MySpace, all for different reasons.

Those who participate in MySpace, which is no more than the internet equivalent of a village town square, MySpace provides web space for those who want to create their own websites, love the sense of community it brings. Observers love to watch the ‘village’ in action and are also potential buyers of products touted on the various sites. Those in the trade business, people with things to sell, have shown that it’s a brand new template for marketing material. Last are the advertisers, they are learning to love the enormous potential found in gathering crowds of like minds.

The reason why advertising on MySpace works is that it provides sellers with a location to find the right buyers. MySpace is designed as a community and the communities have developed around interests. So if 100 visitors are gathered at a particular site devoted to gardening for example, potential advertisers of gardening products have found their lock and key.

There are other plusses to advertisers in this new game. MySpace, unlike most other sites devoted to member like gatherings, does not charge a fee to post a site. This eliminates the typical overhead costs associated with marketing a product.

Advertisers are also offered the chance to use banner ads on various MySpace pages. This is a fee based service and does cost the advertiser money, but on the plus side, there are few opportunities which allow an advertiser to get as close to their target audience as one that MySpace provides.

In order to sell on MySpace it is best to follow the protocol of others. Products or services are most often sold subtly, through community forums on the site, which breeds good word of mouth. Those who have traditionally participated in MySpace are doing so because they want to network with others and are not there to buy or sell necessarily. But if the friends they meet on the site tout a product outright, creating sites, which sell that product make it easy for the product to move.

Providing services has also found a new and effective site in MySpace. The site can be used to help advance or publicize an event, can promote a song, anything that might be sold in the commercial marketplace has a place here.

It is interesting to note that MySpace has become popular with the enetertainment industry as a smart, cheap vehicle to promote new talents, this includes those in film and TV, as well as music and the arts.

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