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27 Nov 08 Info

XML Europe provides the premier European forum for the XML community, spanning the worlds of electronic business, publishing, the Internet, e-government, software and open standards development.

This year’s conference takes as its theme “Powering the Information Society” reflecting the crucial place XML is taking in underpinning many of the the systems that form a real part of our lives. XML Europe’s remit is traditionally broad: mixing the newest technology with the latest thinking in the business and legal issues of information management.

As XML Europe visits London, it will bring together the most experienced and influential people and companies in the XML industry, along with realistic and practical instruction and insight. The conference has long been a fertile ground for the creation of new ideas and partnerships.

XML Europe will be an essential event for XML practitioners of all kinds, whether involved in business or technically oriented, and whether involved in the public or private sectors. I hope that you will be able to join me in being part of this dynamic conference.

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