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14 Nov 13 New Apps for Pc & Mac – How to download and Install

Have you ever wondered how to install the best apps for Android, iPhone or Windows surface on your Pc? Every day million of people download some of the best PM and instant messages apps like Whatsapp messenger, Skype or Wechat which allow people to save a lot of money on mobile phone and text messages.

In the following 2 videos you will find the exact step-by-step process to download on your pc some of those great apps:


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07 Nov 13 Xml Europe Conference

XML Europe provides the premier European forum for the XML community, increasing the area of electronic businness, publishing, Internet, government, softwares and open developments.

X-Tech is the main European conference for developers and i-tech people working with XML and Web technologies, bringing together the worlds of web development, open source, semantic web and open standards. This year’s the program include:

– Core Technology
– Sotware Applications
– Browser Technologies
– Open Data Interface

Formerly known as the XML Europe conference, X-Tech has widened its goal to incorporate neighboring technologies from the internet and business. As the use of XML broadens out beyond traditional main topics, we would like to reflect that in the conference. As well as XML, X-Tech 2008 will cover web development, weblogging, search engines, the semantic web and more.

18 Oct 13 IT Outlet Electronic Shopping

Is there any benefits of buying electronics online instead of in a traditional outlet or shopping center? Today almost everyone can purchase any IT device online in USA or in Europe but the new Outlet in Italy – see this – are offering lower prices compared to the many shopping malls in USA and Europes. Of course, online shopping is not without its drawbacks and risks. In this video we’ll see some interesting “basic” tips about “Online Safety” when shopping online.

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Based on the video above, also if electronics online shopping is technically not so different from visiting your local store or outlet. The last thing you probably want is having your money deducted from your credit card without any product delivered to your door so, don’t forget the basic advices given in this video!

23 Mar 12 Are You Safe On-line? The first law of Technology safety!

The internet has opened new doors for everyone. It has become very easy and even enjoyable to talk to and meet people from around the world. It has never been easier to find information or to go shopping in your pajamas in the middle of the night. Yet, with the internet comes many potential risks. Some of those risks include things like spyware which can be on your computer right now. Even with good quality protective programs running, it is likely that there are a number of programs still getting into your computer’s system that could hurt you.

There are many things that you can do to protect yourself on the internet but one of the most important is that of spyware protection. Spyware watches and tracks your moves and then reports them back to those on the other side looking for this information and breaking the law of on-line safety: install a good anti-spyware software (instead of fixing the problem with an attorney later) . Most of the time this is nothing more than finding out what you are doing online, but it can collect your personal information, too. For this reason, do two things. First, get a quality spyware program up and running on your computer. You should have this program constantly on. You should also run scans of your computer weekly to pull off anything that may get there. Doing so protects you!

05 Feb 06 The Internet and research

The internet is a great tool to have and it can provide you with many things to do and experience. One thing that may happen to you, though, is the need to learn something. You may want to find information to help with a school report or you may be seeking information about the latest gadget that you are considering purchasing. No matter what you are searching for, the best course of action for you is to use the internet because all of this information is readily available at your fingertips.

Yet, there is more to researching on the web than just this. The problem is that not all information that is found online is going to be authentic or even accurate. Many times it will be, but it is up to you to determine if in fact it is. To do this, always use reputable websites that you have heard of for information. You should also look at several locations for the same information so that you can learn as much as you can. Often, the best research sites are those that are dedicated to the subject as a whole. Using them helps you to get the best information possible.

05 Mar 04 Shipping eBay Items to Customers

EBay, the largest online auction house in the world, is a truly international business. People from Singapore to Atlanta all flock to buy and sell. The sold items range from the tiniest artifact to large tracts of land. One of the many challenges EBay and its participants face is that of shipping. For buyers have high expectations that the items they have paid good money for will arrive safe and in tact. While EBay oversees the operations of the company, it important to understand that the shipping of items is the full responsibility of both the buyer and seller.

The first thing for both parties, the buyer and seller, to remember is that honesty must be the one and only, the best policy. The seller should advise all potential bidders what costs may be incurred in shipping the item BEFORE the auction ends. This is important with any item but can be particularly important when shipping a heavy item, like a sofa or a table. Buyers are not happy about hidden costs of any kind and when they are surprised by an extra 300 dollar fee they might balk. Then the only option available is to try and resolve the dispute. That could result in lost income for one or both parties.

So the way to avoid that is to get an accurate estimate of the costs before listing the item for auction. If the item is large then location where the item may be shipped is an issue. The seller is advised to indicate that in the listing. It is common to see listings on EBay that indicate that the buyer must pay all shipping costs and that those costs can be determined at the time of sale, that way the buyer can decide whether the item is worth their bid. (UPS and other shippers provide estimates of items when needed.)

It is also important to insure any item that has value. Lost or damaged items will result in a dispute, and lost income. It may also help to add additional charges to shipping costs, and to have the postal service notify the shipper that the item arrived. If the buyer is unscrupulous he or she may claim the item never arrived, proof of delivery would help in that case. These charges should be folded into the general fee charged at the time the item is listed.

International shipping can be very costly, so make sure to follow these rules in detail when shipping to another country. Some EBay sellers indicate they will not ship overseas for this very reason.